Short style aerials

Helical whip with alternating wiring direction for good FM reception

Active and passive versions aailable


Similar rod as Flex-In, but different aerial mount

Active and passive versions available

AM/FM/DAB/GPS Sharkfin:

Connectors: 1 x GPS (active, Phantom Supply 3,3-5V), 1x AM/FM/DAB (active, Phantom Supply 12V)

(also available as reduced AM/FM-only)

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Kontakt / Contact

Tel.: +49 174 981 36 26

Fax: +49 30 36 70 50 65

Thomas Meier, info@militz.org

Aktuelles / News

neu: Tetra / GSM /GPS Kombiantenne im Sortiment

New: Tetra / GSM / GPS Combi antenna available


TETRA/GSM/GPS Short Rod Antenna


exklusiv bei MIBB: Die bekannte Autoflex-Antenne ist wieder im Angebot.

Exclusively available at MIBB: Autoflex antenna production resumed



neu/new: AM/FM/DAB/GPS Sharkfin antenna 


Radio (AM/FM/DAB)